150 Point Inspection in Tingalpa


Why Choose Athena Automatics for a 150 Point Inspection? 

  • Personalised, Courteous Customer service: At Athena Automatics we rate our quality workmanship as highly as our customer service and both are very important to us.
  • Up to date technicians: We are members of the Repco Auto-Tech training program, ensuring modern repair methods for our clients vehicles are always at our finger tips. We also have exclusive access to one of the widest knowledge bases in Australia and a support network of over 400 mechanics and workshops nationwide.
  • Commercial fleet specialist: Alongside all makes and models of cars, we have specialist knowledge of commercial fleet vehicle service and repairs
  • Fair & Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on the fact that our prices are reasonable and fair. Peace of mind need not cost the earth. 

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Athena Automatics 150-Point Inspection Services: 

  • Mechanical inspection
  • Under bonnet inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Front & rear suspension inspection
  • Under car inspection
  • Brakes inspection
  • Body and accessories inspection
  • Engine inspection
  • Fuel tank inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Exterior inspection
  • Road tests
  • Compression test and report 

When Should I Get a 150 Point Check?  

For peace of mind when purchasing or selling a vehicle, planning a long distance drive or simply checking the condition of a vehicle getting close to exiting a warranty period.

A 150 point vehicle inspection service is important to identify areas in need of attention or repair. Essentially, this service should be used whenever you are looking to avoid unpleasant surprises or to take the opportunity to identify and fix minor issues before they present major problems.

What Does The 150 Point Report Include?

The 150 point inspection involves inspecting a car at 150 points, both major and minor, to give a detailed condition report on a wide range of aspects regarding the car and it's condition.

Depending on the type of vehicle being inspected, the 150 point vehicle inspection report may include an inspection of the transmission, brakes, steering, under the hood, the engine, battery, tyres, frame, under body, electronics, all liquids, electrical system, front and rear suspension, vehicle body, accessories, LPG engines and diesel engines.

Once the inspection is completed, you will receive an informative report detailing the overall condition of your vehicle based on a visual and physical exam, along with any recommendations.

An Athena Automatics 150 point vehicle inspection could potentially save you thousands of dollars by alerting you to the fact that a car you are thinking of owning, or in fact already own, has mechanical problems that may need to be addressed. 

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An Athena Automatics 150 point inspection report will include specific information to assist you in determining the condition and safety of any vehicle you own or are perhaps considering purchasing...


A Repco 150 Point Vehicle Inspection, or 150 Point Check as they are sometimes known,  can assist you in making an informed decision on the purchase or sale of a vehicle or just give you peace of mind before that long journey or road trip.

Without a pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection, you could be buying or selling a vehicle requiring costly repairs. 


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Mechanics wanted!

Our busy mechanical workshop in Tingalpa is looking for a Motor Mechanic/Technician and 3rd or 4th year apprentice Motor Mechanic. Please see the Job Adverts for more details.


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