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Safety Certificates and Vehicle inspections in Brisbane.

What is a Vehicle Inspection?

A Safety Inspection is when a qualified mechanic visually checks over your whole vehicle to check it for safety and roadworthiness, identifies any areas that may be unsafe or due for replacement, and gives you a written outcome - either a certificate or a report. Some inspections are voluntary which you might get as a report on the current condition of your car and to let you know what services might be needed in the near future allowing you to plan accordingly. Sometimes you will need an inspection for statutory purposes such as for a Queensland road safety certificate.

When do I need a Safety certificate in Queensland ?

In Queensland you are required by law to get an inspection performed and a safety certificate presented any time you plan to sell your vehicle.  Before you advertise your car, motorbike, light trailer, heavy trailer or any light vehicle for sale you must obtain and clearly display a Safety Certificate or risk an on the spot fine.  A safety certificate in Queensland is valid for up to two months but only for one sale.  There are some exemptions from this requirement such as sales in very remote areas or between car dealers.


Athena Automatics is Your Authorised Queensland Safety Certificate Inspection centre in Tingalpa, Wynnum and Wakerley.

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Safety Inspections in Tingalpa by Athena Automatics

 As an Authorised Repco Car service centre Athena Automatics  will, upon request, provide a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection with every full car service, we also offer a comprehensive 150 point vehicle condition report which is ideal for pre-purchase  peace of mind or for preparing for a long road trip.

If you are interested in a safety certificate or a full inspection for your vehicle Call Us today.


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