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When was the last time you checked your tyre treads? Overly or unevenly worn tyre treads can seriously affect the handling and braking capabilities of your car.  Your tyres should have a ‘wear bar' in between the tread lugs indicating when you need to get your tyres replaced.

When that time comes, bring your car into Athena Automatics in Tingalpa. We have many years experience repairing and replacing tyres. 

Our tyre services include:

  • New tyres
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Inspections 

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Repair or Replacement?

  • Punctures - some punctures such as those in the part of the tyre that comes in contact with the road are easy to fix, while others, such as holes in the sidewall (side of the tyre) cannot be fixed
  • Tread wear - tread wear is a normal part of the lifecycle of your tyre and can't be repaired. At a certain point the treads become ineffective and need to be replaced.
  • Valve - a broken valve might be able to be repaired or replaced without replacing the whole tyre.

To prolong the lifetime of your tyres you should try and avoid driving in places that could contain materials that can cause punctures, such as construction sites. You should regularly check tyre pressure and inflate (or deflate) if necessary. Also keep an eye on your tyre wear patterns to make sure they are not wearing unevenly. If your tyre is wearing unevenly, often due to poor wheel alignment, it could shorten the lifetime of your tyres significantly. 



Why get tyre and wheel services from Athena Automatics

Athena Automatics are independently owned and operated and known locally for our honest service, years of experience and knowledge. We have a range of tyres and specialist equipment to perform your new tyre fitting or wheel alignment and balance. All our work is backed by the Repco Authorised Service Nation Wide Warranty.

While checking your tyres is something you can do yourself, as professionals Athena Automatics can check out the internal condition of your tyres as well as the entire outside surface and they are well aware of the correct methods of disassembly, repair and reassembly, along with any manufacturer or legal requirements involved.

Athena Automatics can also advise you if there are any problems with your tyres, your wheel alignment, tyre balance or other areas of your car affecting your tyres such as brakes or suspension which you should be aware of to protect you and your vehicle, including the tyres themselves.

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Tyre Tips from Athena Automatics

When do tyres need replacing?

Tyres eventually wear out over time, an unavoidable process which is quickened by hard braking and regular high speed driving as well as uneven road surfaces. Unless there are problems causing uneven tyre wear or bald spots or there is other significant damage, the depth of the tread on the tyre is usually the best indicator your tyres are due for replacement. Although the legal minimum tread depth varies, a good rule of thumb is when tread depth is approaching 1.6mm you should think about buying new tyres.

Tread on a tyre is very important as this is where you get the traction to both move the car forwards and also the friction required to stop safely and efficiently. Tread is also the method by which water is dissipated away from the tyre surface in a way which prevents aquaplaning and maintaining maximum grip and control. The less tread depth you have, the less control you will have in wet driving conditions.

Tyres generally last between six to ten years and the better you look after them the more chance there is that it will be the latter rather than the former.

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Why check tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure is not just important to ensure you get the best fuel economy from your vehicle. Incorrect tyre pressure is a common cause of tyre damage as pressure and wear is subjected to areas of the tyre not designed to take it. Perhaps most importantly the pressure of your tyres can have a direct impact on the driveability, and therefore the safety, of the vehicle.

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Why should tyres be checked regularly?

You should check your tyres yourself on a regular basis to ensure they are in good condition. Be on the look out for bald or flat spots, tears and cuts in the surface of the tyre and any foreign objects likely to cause problems such as stones, nails and other road debris. You should also have a tyre professional give them a check on a regular basis as they have the knowledge and equipment to properly check the entire tyre and may spot issues you simply don’t see.

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Why do tyres need to be rotated?

Tyres will suffer from wear and tear at varying rates. The front and rear tyres for example will wear at different rates as front tyres generally carry more weight than rear ones, meaning faster heat build up and therefore increased wear. The tyres on either side of your car will also tend to wear at different rates to those on the opposite side.

Having your tyres rotated regularly, every 8000 to 10,000 km for example, can help to ensure that all of your tyre wear at a similar rate and in the same places. Athena Automaticswould be happy to undertake this task for you and inspect each tyre as they do it, letting you know of any issues that might present a problem or you should otherwise be aware of. We can undertake all types of tyre rotation for you including Cross rotation, straight rotation, 5 wheel rotation and four wheel drive rotation.

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Will a regular wheel alignment or balance help look after tyres?

Regular wheel alignment helps to protect against premature or uneven tyre wear, increases the safety and handling of your vehicle and improves ride performance and fuel efficiency. Wheel balancing helps to minimise vibration through the wheels, thereby minimising premature or uneven tyre wear. Either wheel service (or both) will go a long way in helping to maximise the life of your tyres along with safety and handling benefits.

No matter how well you care for your tyres there will come a time when the only option for maintaining safety, comfort and fuel economy of your car is to have the tyres replaced, such as when they have reached the minmum tread depth. Athena Automatics supply and fit a range of tyres suitable for most vehicle types in our Tingalpa car service workshop

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