Wheel Alignment


Does your car's handling pull to one side? Are your tyres wearing unevenly? Perhaps your car's performance isn't what it used to be? It may be time for you to get a wheel alignment. Bring your car into the Athena Automatics workshop and we'll have your wheels realigned and your car back on the road ASAP.


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Using a combination of inspection, measurements and our specialised equipment we can determine that exact degree that your wheels and suspension are misaligned and realign them to the car's manufacturer specifications.


There are four main angles that need to be considered for a wheel alignment;

  • Toe (or tracking) - wheels can be pointing in or out and can lead to unpredictable steering response
  • Thrust - the angle that the wheels point in relation to the car's centreline and each other. Misalignment can lead to the car not driving straight
  • Camber - helps tyres maintain optimal contact with the road for turning and driving. Misalignment will cause the car to pull to one side
  • Caster - tilting of the wheel steering axis. The angle needs to be the same on both front wheels or the car will pull to one side and/or it will require more effort to steer the car





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