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For safety and performance reasons, every new car comes with a logbook that outlines the services that it requires throughout its life. It's important to follow this schedule, which has been compiled by the manufacturer, if you wish to ensure that your vehicle continues to operate economically. Give Athena Automatics a call today for a logbook service so that we can keep your car in the state that the manufacturer intended and preserve your vehicle's statutory warranty.


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Not following the specifications set out in the vehicle's logbook could have serious negative impacts upon the life of your vehicle and it may lead to you being responsible for an expensive repair bill. Regular logbook servicing can help you to easily avoid these consequences. That's where the knowledge and experience of Athena Automatic's team can help you. Get in contact with us and we will make sure you are up-to-date with the manufacturer's instructions. We are based in Tingalpa, Brisbane, and our honest and diligent team endeavor to provide valuable solutions at a fair cost.

If you have owned your car for a longer period of time than that outlined in the vehicle's logbook, it is still important to have services regularly performed. At Athena Automatics we provide both major and minor services depending upon the state of your vehicle and your budget.

Whatever your current situation is, if your vehicle hasn't been serviced recently get in touch with us today for a logbook service. We use modern equipment and strive to ensure that our customers' cars remain safe, economical, and functional.


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