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CV joints and boots control the wheels in relation to the transmission and keep them turning at a smooth speed. When these parts are cracked or have worn down then there is a rattling, clicking when turning, or a vibration when driving the vehicle. To keep your drive smooth and your family safe, bring your car in to see the mechanics in Tingalpa at Athena Automatics.

Cv joint and boot services

  • Replace CV Joints
  • Replace CV Boot
  • Tripod Joint Replacement
  • Clamp Replacement
  • Lock Ring Replacement
  • CV Joint High Pressure Greasing
  • CV Axle Half Shaft Replacement
  • Weiss Joint Replacement
  • Thompson Constant Velocity Joint Replacement

Cv joint and boot: symptoms and causes

In order to help pinpoint the issues which you may be facing with your vehicle, here are some of the most common symptoms of CV joint and boot failure:

  • Clicking Sound When Turning: The boot may be cracked and there could be debris or dirt in the CV joint.
  • Growling When the Car is in Motion: The boot may be cracked and therefore should be replaced.
  • Vibrating When Driving: If the CV boot, which houses the CV joint, is broken then the lubricating grease could be gone and the boot should be replaced and the joint re-lubricated.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or other issues with the CV joint or boot, make an appointment with the team at Athena Automatics.

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