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4X4 Service and Repairs

From repairing your 4WD to maintaining your car, we can do it all.

If you're a 4X4 off-road enthusiast or just enjoy the comfort and safety of daily SUV driving, then Athena Automatics is here to provide everything you need to maintain, accessorise and service your 4WD, 4X4 or AWD Vehicle..

Athena Automatics are 4X4 specialists when it comes to service and repairs on all 4 wheel drive vehicles. From manufacturers hand book service procedures to suspension and drivetrain repairs, we have the tools, the parts and the expertise to do it all. 

If you plan on upgrading your 4WD, you must ensure the suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, driveshaft length, and gear ratios are suitable for the weight and use of your vehicle. It is crucial to select the right setup in order to get the best results.

If you want to make modifications to your four-wheel drive, make sure you take it to an experienced mechanic that specializes in 4WD service. Improperly installed lift kits can alter the handling of your vehicle, diminishing your steering and braking capabilities, as well as impacting fuel economy.

We can supply and install a wide variety of accessories like LED Lights, Snorkels, Dual Batteries, Lift Kits and more. Talk to us about your upgrade ideas and we will recommend the right thing for you.

Our professional and clean workshop is one of the best in Australia and our knowledge and expertise in all things four by four means we can work on all makes and models.

Log Book Servicing and DPF cleaning for Diesel vehicles also available. Ask us for more details

Call Athena Automatics now or book a car service online!

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